Order Information for Images

All images are available as original photographic prints each is hand printed by the photographer using archival ink for true museum quality and longevity. He does not recommend using glass on any of his prints, as any glass - even conservation glass - adds unwanted glares and aberrations. The intent of each print is to be as close to what was seen by the photographer as possible. He highly recommends the satin double-weight paper as it contains a clear laminate coating that is water and finger resistant.






1. recall the name of the image from the gallery you found it

2.  from the label under each image, determine whether image is standard, panoramic or ultra-wide panoramic (note: if unlabeled, image is available in standard sizes)

  3.  determine whether finished photograph will be:

a.      satin double-weight paper (mounted and ready to frame contains clear laminate coating so no glass is needed)

b.     framed print (mounted and framed in black metal box frame using satin paper with clear coating)

c.      canvas call or e-mail for details and pricing

  4.  choose size/price from the tables below:

                                        standard sizes

 Approx. finished size

satin paper (coated/mounted)

framed print


















                              panoramic sizes

      (available with selected images only see photo description label)

Approx. finished size

satin paper (coated/mounted)

framed print

8" x 17"














                   Ultra-Wide panoramic sizes

         (available with selected images only - see photo description label)

 Approx. finished size

satin paper (coated/mounted)

framed print














 5.  add 10% for shipping

 6.  mail check with name and size of print, stating whether satin/mounted print or framed print (or canvas)

quantity       description of image         price





















Add 10% shipping





Pete Ramberg

Memory Makers Photography

378 Aspen Way

Florence, MT 59833

  7.  or, phone order with VISA or

     MASTERCARD number and expiration date to:


(If no answer, leave a message on voice mail.)

  8.  or, e-mail request to:













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